Meeting with the Chief Prosecutor of the Basic Prosecution in Mitrovica, Shyqeri Syla

Mitrovica, 14 March 2018 – Representatives from the Lëvizja FOL met today mr. Shyqeri Syla, Chief Prosecutor at the Basic Prosecution in Mitrovica. During this meeting was discussed about the work in this prosecution, with special emphasis on the large number corruption cases.

Chief Prosecutor Syla said that the prosecution he currently runs has a small number of prosecutors and a large number of corruption cases. “Currently, there are 79 corruption cases, but we have a small number of prosecutors, we have only two prosecutors dealing with corruption cases,” Syla said, adding that three more prosecutors are expected to work this year. According to him, with three new prosecutors in this department will also be completed these backlog cases.

The Basic Prosecution Office in Mitrovica has no spokespersons or statistical officials. “We do not have statistics officers and I do not think it is necessary because every prosecutor puts his case on the system,” Syla said.

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