Workshop on the Law on Declaration of Assets of Public Officials in Kosovo

Prishtina, 30 Novemerr 2017 – Lëvizja FOL held today a workshop on the Law on Declaration of Assets of Public Officials in Kosovo, whereby the findings and recommendations of the Lëvizja FOL report on the actual Law on the Declaration of Assets have been presented.

Jeton Zulfaj presented the work that Lëvizja FOL has done in the past regarding the declaration of assets. According to him, the list of officials who must declare the assets should be expanded. Also new software for filing should be created, but it remains problematic who should manage this software – ACA or TAK.

Gresa Smolica from the Lëvizja FOL presented the findings of the report that emerges the main shortcomings noted in the current law on asset declaration are the restriction of the powers of the NQA in the property control process as declared by public officials, the irregularity of the investigation of the origin of property, lack of confiscation of illegal property as a punitive measure and a clear definition of the persons obliged to declare the property.

Valdete Berisha-Podrimaj from TAK said that the electronic way of declaring the property proposed by FOL Movement is much better for TAK as it enables it to have more transparency. “She said that it was a proposal that tax inspectors and customs officials are obliged to make the declaration of assets.

Meanwhile, Lulzim Ejupi, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Internal Affairs said that examples from different countries should be taken. “Digitalization of all institutions needs to be done so that information can be easily taken from one institution to another,” Ejupi said.

Agron Qalaj from the Office of the Chief State Prosecutor said that the current law has serious shortcomings. AKM is not prepared for asset control. “The criminal reports of the KACA that come to the prosecution, in many cases come with delay. In the law there are serious defects, therefore the prosecution cannot file an indictment without a reasonable ground, “said Qalaj.