Publication of the report “Corruption Monitor” for November-December

Prishtina, February 4, 2011– Movement FOL published the report “Corruption Monitor” for November and December. The Government of Kosovo has approved 17 decisions during November and December and none of them were in the fight against corruption and organized crime. During this time the Government was dismissed and by a non-confidence motion;

In district courts have been reviewed 148 cases: 130 in the prosecution of Prishtina, 2 in Gjilan prosecution and 16 in Prizren prosecution. In 2009 were transferred 248 cases: 231 in the prosecution of Prishtina, 3 in Peja prosecution, 2 in Gjilan Prosecution, and 12 in Mitrovica prosecution. 58 cases have been filed in 2010: 30 in Prosecution of Prishtina, 2 in Peja prosecution, 7 in Gjilan prosecution and 19 in Prizren prosecution. At present, there are 158 cases in total: 131 of them in Prishtina, 5 in Peja, 7 in Gjilan, 3 in Prizren and 12 in Mitrovica. However, if we examine the anti-corruption statistics at the municipal level we find out that 93 cases were transfered from previous years, 256 of them filed only in 2010, 85 cases were dealt in 2010 and 264 cases are ongoing;

Of these cases, 20 were sent to Special Prosecution in 2010 and still are ongoing, not being solveda single one;

In December were accused Slavisa Petkovic Branislav Gerbic by the District Court in Prishtina, along with nine other suspects, in charges ofmisusing 1.1 million euros. Slavisa Petkovic is accused of constructing a house where he lives today in the amount of 95 thousand euro. Without any money of his own he had renovated his restaurant called “Tropikana” in Caglavica. Petkovic was summoned to the District Court in Prishtina accused of five offenses. This group of 11 people 2 Serbs and 9 Albanians have been accused of harming the Budget of Kosovo more than one million euro by signing fictitious contracts to construct houses for returnees;

November statistics from the Department of Investigation of Economic Crimes and Corruption (DIECC) show that 15 people were being investigated: 3 for taking bribes and 12 of them for misuse of official duty; 6 cases have been sent to the prosecution with known perpetrators: 1 for taking bribe and 5 for abuse of official duty; 5 cases were sent to the prosecution with Special Reports and only 2 people were arrested for misuse of official duty;

45 reports were published by daily newspapers in December (Koha Ditore, Zeri, Kosova Sot and Express), 24 were published as opinions, and 21 as news. Koha Ditore and Zeri were more focused on government and public enterprises in Kosovo. Meanwhile, Kosova Sot was more focused on the Judiciary of the country and less on the Government and Public Enterprises, and Express was more focused on local issues.