Procurement Monitor: Law violations continue

Prishtina, May 7, 2012 – Ministries, Public Enterprises (CEC and PTK) and the Republic of Kosovo Municipalities have continued with law violations and irregularities in public procurement as they used to. Throughout the three-month period, January to March 2012, these institutions have committed violations in 11 various tenders. 8 tenders are returned in re-evaluation by the Procurement Review Body, 2 are returned in re-tendering and for only one procurement activity was decided to go on with procurement activity.

Ministries that have violated the law of public procurement in 4 tenders: a) Ministry of Internal Affairs on the tender “Supply of Fuels”, b) Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports in the procurement activity “Constructing the Sport Gym in Klina municipality – Phase II “, c) Ministry for Communities and Returns in the tender” hotel services in MCR “, and d) Ministry of Infrastructure when evaluating the tender “Maintenance Services of section 1 to 5 of road no. 7: Merdare-Morine highway. ” In addition, the Public Procurement Review Body has also issued a fine to the Ministry of Infrastructure in amount of 10,000.00 euros, and has revoked the license of the acting director of this ministry to be active in public procurement.
Public Enterprises (KEK and PTK) have committed offenses in four (4) various tenders. Kosovo Energy Corporation has committed offenses in three (3) different tenders: a) additional services in the removal of overburden (as needed) “b)” supply of chemicals “and c)” Supply of rubber bands. “Meanwhile, the Kosovo Post-Telecom committed a violation in one tender only: “Benefits for health insurance.” These four tenders of these companies are turning for re-evaluation.

Municipalities have committed violations in three various tenders. Prizren Municipality has violated the provisions in evaluating the tender “summer and winter maintenance of roads, sidewalks, public green spaces, squares and decorative trees in Prizren and winter maintenance of roads in the villages-areas”, Municipality of Gjilan in the case of the cancellation of the tender “Transport of workers and students in Gjilan Municipality, divided into 7 Lots” and Peja Municipality during the tender evaluation “Maintenance of traffic signs – Lot 1”. Two of these tenders have been returned for re-evaluation, and only one is cancelled by the Public Procurement Review Body.
Reports of daily newspapers regarding the public procurement are of a great importance in the elimination of legal irregularities and corrupt practices within this field. During the quarterly period newspapers have published 69 various reports. From these 69 reports, 34 were investigative reports and 35 of them have been published as news.








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