FOL Movement signs a contract with the Telegraph for the use of the Open and Transparent Procurement Portal

Pristine, 04 June 2021 – FOL movement and the most credible online media in Kosovo, today signed the agreement for the provision of the Open and Transparent Procurement portal.

During the contract signing ceremony, it was said that this portal will provide easy access to find information related to the spending of public money.

The executive director of the FOL Movement, Mexhide Demolli said that this platform will provide transparency to the readers for each signed contract.

FOL movement since 2010, part of the program has also had the part of public procurement, while in 2018 we launched the platform for ‘open and transparent procurement’. This platform contains data and contracts from state institutions from 2018 onwards.

The reason why we signed this contract with Telegraf today has to do with the longevity of this portal. We think that such a collaboration will keep this portal alive. We as FOL will continue to update the data, while Telegrafi will use its part to do more research regarding public procurement, referring to the contracts that the portal offers “, said Demolli.

Meanwhile, the editor-in-chief of the Telegraf, Muhamet Hajrullahu said that they are committed to advancing the reports related to the spending of public money. “We as Telegraf are very committed to advancing the reports related to the spending of public money, the issue of tenders in Kosovo and above all the tax expenditures of citizens. We think that with this agreement signed with the FOL Movement, to advance the reporting in the Telegraf and to have information related to public procurement.

Also to receive information related to transparency and above all not to forget that Telegrafi as a serious media has a large audience in Kosovo and we think to advance this reporting by cooperating with organizations like this with FOL ” said Hajrullahu.

The FOL movement in 2018 had launched the portal “Open and Transparent Procurement”. The purpose of this portal is to provide information to institutions, journalists and civil society representatives in order to see how the state budget is spent. At the same time, research in the field of public procurement makes public institutions continuously improve this field. is an independent news portal in the Albanian language and was established in 2006, with its main base in Pristina and its second headquarters in Macedonia. For more than a decade, Telegrafi has managed to maintain impartiality and life as a source of news with the highest credibility in all Albanian-speaking territories.