The Ad-Hoc Commission for the selection of candidates for RTK Board members selects 18 candidates for voting in the Assembly

Prishtinë, 18 nëntor 2022 – The Ad-Hoc Committee for the selection of candidates for Board members for RTK has completed the interview of 91 candidates out of 132 candidates who applied.

This was one of the largest recruitment processes that the Assembly of Kosovo had undertaken so far, due to the large number of candidates who had applied.

From our monitoring, it appears that this process has gone correctly and all the members of the Commission have shown cooperation with civil society.

It is also worth emphasizing the transparency of this entire process, making the scoring of the candidates to be done in the presence of civil society monitors.

FOL has welcomed that the Ad-Hoc Commission has decided to respect the Law on Gender Equality in this process, by sending a list with equal composition of women and men candidates to the Assembly for voting.

In the short list that goes to the Assembly, there are 16 Albanian candidates, of which 8 women and 8 men and 2 candidates (one man and one woman) from the Serbian community.

It is worth noting that the Ad-Hoc commission, since the beginning of this process, has been working towards making the recruitment process for the RTK Board based on meritocracy.

  1. Driton Hetemi 847 points
  2. Besnik Boletini 812 points
  3. Safet Kabashaj 797 points
  4. Ejup Gojnovci 792 points
  5. Bekim Selo 768 points
  6. Ismet Sijarina 749 points
  7. Fatima Lumi Qehaja 734 points
  8. Petrit Qollaku 734 points
  9. Arta Berisha 726 points
  10. Enis Halimi 726 points
  11. Albulena Mehmeti 724 points
  12. Jehona Ademaj Sejdiu 704 points
  13. Shukrije Rama 684 points
  14. Mejreme Krasniqi Sadiku 683 points
  15. Mihane Nertile Salihu Bala 668 points
  16. Arta Pllana 670 points
  17. Nelica Veljkovic 677 points
  18. Mihailo Scepanovic 735 points

FOL appealed to the deputies of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo to respect the Law on Gender Equality during the voting of the candidates, so that the RTK Board has equal gender representation.

The FOL movement is supported by the Kosovo Foundation for Civil Society (KCSF) program ‘EJA Kosovo’, co-financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and Sweden.