FOL focuses on 10 priority reforms for the fight against corruption in public administration

Pristine, 15 January 2020 – Levizja FOL together with the support of KFOS will engage in monitoring the implementation of public administration reforms. Public administration reform is an essential process for strengthening the transparency and accountability of public institutions, which is a prerequisite for preventing corruption and abuse of office. In this regard, the FOL Movement has identified 10 priority measures of public administration reforms for 2021 that are of particular importance for the fight against corruption. These reform measures are derived from the strategic framework of public administration reforms, mainly the Strategy for Modernization of Public Administration 2015-2020 and the Sectoral Reform Contract for Public Administration Reform between the Government of Kosovo and the European Commission. The FOL movement will advocate for the implementation of 10 priority reform measures and will monitor the work of institutions in their implementation.

Each reform priority measure will be assessed on whether it has been implemented, not implemented or has progress towards implementation. Depending on the assessment, which will be based on data to be provided by the FOL Movement research, the organization will issue an overall note of the performance of the Government of Kosovo in implementing public administration reform in 2021.

The development of this monitoring and evaluation card has the dual purpose of encouraging the government to achieve concrete results in public administration reforms that are of particular importance in the fight against corruption and to focus the monitoring work of civil society in the implementation process of reforms in public administration.

Priority reforms with focus from the FOL Movement:

  • Percentage of implementation of short-term measures by the National Program for the Implementation of the SAA
  • Percentage of sector strategies / policies, concept papers and primary laws adopted by the government in 2020 that have been subject to public consultation in accordance with the Minimum Standards for Public Consultation
  • Establishment of the Department for Management of Public Officials in the Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • Initiate the implementation of centralized recruitment in the civil service in accordance with the Law on Public Officials
  • Implementation of application and electronic testing for admission to the civil service of the Republic of Kosovo
  • Approval by the Government and submission to the Assembly of the necessary legal measures so that special administrative procedures that conflict with the Law on General Administrative Procedures are repealed or harmonized.
  • Implementation of the first wave of agency rationalization in accordance with the action plan and concept paper approved by the Government.
  • Suspension of public officials who have been indicted or under investigation for corruption-related offenses
  • Removal from public office of officials who have been convicted of corruption-related offenses
  • Publication of the report on disciplinary measures taken against civil servants for violations of ethics and anti-corruption legislation.