FOL begins monitoring procurement at the Ministry of Health

Prishtina, June 10 ” Minister of the Ministry of Health, Ferid Agani and executive director of the Movement FOL Ramadan Ilazi, on Friday signed a Memorandum of Cooperation between the Ministry and FOL, which enables the organization to observe directly the procurement procedures in this ministry. Such a memorandum aims to enhance transparency and accountability in public procurement process.

Movement FOL signed similar memorandums for monitoring procurement also with the Ministry of Justice and Public Administration while the Ministry of Infrastructure has refused to allow the monitoring of procurement by FOL Movement.

Signing of the memorandum with MH, the minister Agani and the leader of the Movement “FOL”, Ramadan Ilazi assessed as important to establishing accountability in managing public money.

Fidan Kalaja, project coordinator of procurement monitoring at FOL Movement said that the procurement sector as the most affected by corruption should have special attention from civil society. “These memorandums favour the transparency growth and accountability and protect the public interests to prevent misuse of public money “, emphasized Castle.

Thus, in the period April to June, the Ministry of Justice have cancelled and re-tendered about 7 tenders. Movement FOL inspected during this phase also the implementation of a contract. Also during this time the request of FOL Movement for amendment of that law on Procurement has been supported, giving about 20 recommendations that should be met by new legislation.

Another practical achievement during this phase is the increase of accountability of economic operators during the draft of offers.

These memorandums are the first of the kind in Kosovo, an international practice recognized in the sphere of action of NGOs and it favours the function of advancing democracy and supervision of expenditure of public money.