Ejup Bajrami awarded with Citizens Award for Courage in 2011

At the annual party, FOL Movement for the third time awarded the Citizens Award for Courage. In the two previous years this award went to z. Rufki Suma, an independent candidate who won the election for the mayor of Hani Elezit and Mrs. Ajnishahe Shala – Halimi, this year this award went to Mr. Ejup Bajrami.
Mr. Bajrami was engaged as a citizen against illegal constructions since 2002. Because of his involvement in the movement against the revocation of Kosovo’s autonomy in late 80s was politically discriminated. After the war he has been engaged in Prishtina, where he has lived since 1965, by denouncing the illegal constructions in the capital of the Republic of Kosovo. Mr. Bajrami is one of the founders of the NGO “Prishtina Protection Initiative “. This organization has filed numerous lawsuits against the Municipality of Prishtina, other government institutions, various construction companies, and against irresponsible citizens as well.
Petrit Zogaj from FOL Movement, said that FOL Movement with the Citizens Award for Courage recognizes and supports the valuable and courageous contribution of the individuals who without hesitation defend the public interest of the Republic of Kosovo. He further added that by considering the commitment of Mr. Bajrami, in preventing and stopping illegal construction in Prishtina quarters, many citizens began to mobilize and oppose illegal construction.
Genc Salihu, the Chairman of the Advisory Board of FOL Movement, when presenting the award stated that it was an honor for him to present this award and especially when considering that Mr. Ejup Bajrami has proven to be successful in his initiative and that we should appreciate his courage. Mr. Bajrami is an example of civic engagement, by facing the abusive practices even in his age as a pensioner. The Citizens Award for Courage in 2011 with full merit bears his name, concluded Genc Salihu.
When receiving the award, Mr. Ejup Bajrami said he was very happy to accepts this award and also with responsibility. He said that this award has proven the purpose of his and Prishtina citizens initiative, and also this award means that we must not give up defending the public interest, which is also our own interest.