Enis Veliu, winner of the Citizen Award for 2017

Prishtina, 26 December 2017 – Lëvizja FOL has held the ceremony of awarding the Citizens’ Courage Award for 2017, which this year was given to Mr. Enis Veliu.

Enis Veliu is editor of the economy in the daily newspaper “Zëri”, where after the publication of the article “KEDS bills us 8 million euros per year for the Serbs in the north”, the Ombudsperson started the investigations, which followed a decision from court for discontinuing the billing of energy without spending from one part of the population in Kosovo.

Petrit Zogaj, Executive Director of Lëvizja FOL, said that this year the award for courage was given to a person who in one form or another with his writing has influenced the life of all of us. “Thanks to Mr. Vleiu’s article, The Ombudsperson has initiated an investigation into this case, an investigation which follows the decision of the Basic Court which decided to prohibit such a practice. With this asrticle, Mr. Veliu decided to prohibit the discrimination of the majority of citizens, “said Zogaj..

Meanwhile, Genc Salihu Chairman of the Lëvizja FOL Advisory Board said that this is a price we as FOL share with lots of privilege and pleasure. “Enisi’s case with his article has made direct effect in our society and for this we thank him,” Salihu said.