Visit of Dutch prosecutors to the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council

Prishtina, 29 March 2018 – Lëvizja FOL in partnership with KDI-në and CILC, together with prosecutors from Netherlands have visited today the Secretariat of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council. Participants in this meeting were: Gerrie Williams – Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kosovo, Kitty Nooy – Public Prosecutor and Program Manager for Integrity of Prosecutors in the Netherlands, Loes van den Brand – Netherlands Public Prosecutor’s Office for Integrity, Heleen Smit – Integrity Officer at the Netherlands Public Prosecution Office, Lavdim Krasniqi – Director of the Secretariat at Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, Jeton Zulfaj – Program Manager at FOL and Arben Kelmendi – Project Manager at KDI.

In the meeting was discussed about challenges and dilemmas that prosecutors have with the current code of ethics and the changes that must take place with the new code.

It was also discussed about the KPC’s decision on the working group on amending the Code of Ethics for Prosecutors as well as the role that Dutch prosecutors that will have in providing support for drafting the new Code of Ethics for Prosecutors.

FOL, together with project partners, will be part of this process as well as part of the working groups on the Code of Ethics change for Kosovo prosecutors.