Two missed shots of (Anti-) Corruption Agency

Prishtina, October 30, 2011-Two days ago, Movement FOL has published its comparative report on declaration of the property of senior public officials for 2010-2011. However, after the publication of this report, the (Anti-) Corruption Agency, through an announcement for media has reacted, mentioning some “logical and mathematical errors that this report contains”.

In this sense, movement FOL public wishes to clarify that the two matters that the Agency has addressed are false and unstable:
1. Regarding the declaration of the property of the Agency’s head, Mr. Hasan Preteni. Based on the Law on Declaration, Origin and Control of Property of Senior Public Officials, respectively article 3, section 1.1.9, agency leaders should declare their property to the (Anti-) Corruption Agency. Thus, this article and this section include Mr. Preteni to declare his property to this institution. In the meantime, the Agency’s response was that Mr. Preteni declared his property to the Supervisory Parliamentary Commission of this institution. If so, how come Mr. Preteni declared his property in 2011 according to the law which became applicable in February 2010″ Therefore, it is illegal, for when the law on DOCPSPO became applicable, has abolished the legal provision of the previous law regarding the declaration of the officials of this institution. In this case, Mr. Preteni violated the provisions of this law, and therefore he should be publicly responsible.

2. The second issue that the Agency is suspicious about the report of Movement FOL is also declaration of the property of the President of Kosovo Assembly, Mr. Jakup Krasniqi. According to the forms that the Agency has published in its official website show clearly that Mr. Krasniqi has published the same property, but with different values for the years 2010 and 2011. (see attached the forms which are downloaded from its web site). Therefore, such a reaction, not only is in disfavour of the function of this mission, but rather contributes to further growth of corruption and its widespread in public institutions.
We appeal to the (Anti-) Corruption Agency, that instead of protecting officials who are involved in various corruption affairs, it is better to verify the origin of the property of these officials, who are harming the general interest of the citizens of our republic.