Three years of engagement on active citizenry, against corruption

Today, June 25, is the anniversary of the establishment of Movement FOL, a three-year work for active citizenry, against corruption. We thank our families, the membership of the organization, partners, friends, donors, and in particular the media for their cooperation and support they have provided for the organization. We express our deep gratitude for the trust and continued support we have received from the citizens of Kosovo, to increase the transparency and accountability of public institutions of Kosovo.

FOL has started working with a single computer and a staff of three people. Today, the organization employs fifteen people, and has one hundred members of the Assembly who directly govern the organization.

We believe that during these years we have contributed to civil society involvement in the process of state building and raising the debate on good governance as essential component of this process.

Values, which are the foundation of the work of Movement FOL such as: commitment to good in the public interest, accountability to the public, Commitment to law, respect for the value and dignity of individuals, political impartiality, respect for pluralism and diversity as well as transparency, integrity, and honesty, hold the organization dedicated to the mission.

We find encouragement in the principles which guide our work, which oblige us to build coalitions of common interest to assist social, economic and political processes. To be responsible, open and accountable to our membership, our supporters, partners, donors and citizens.
We work within the goals we have set to ourselves not compromising the values and orientation of the organization.

Our achievements during these three years are many: hundreds of high school students have benefited from the debate, which offers the best opportunity for young people to develop their potential, critical thinking, active participation and response. FOL has been a pioneer in opening up procurement offices for supervision and control by civil society, something that has contributed directly to reducing opportunities for misuse. We have also made citizens closer with public institutions. A one-month campaign in 2011 in collaboration with the State Chief Prosecutor, has opened this institution, reducing the institution of traditional prejudices against him. Our work has encouraged other organizations of civil society to continue to further this initiative.

With even a more increased pace we will continue our work, in regard of the mission, to defend the public interest-as the noble mission of every citizen of society.