The PRB is avoiding explanations about the tender Kosovo Police Supply of Vehicles

Prishtina, 10 September 2014 – FOL Movement, on August 26, 2014, sent a request to the President of the PRB asking for additional explanations about the two decisions of this body taken on 30.07.2014 with file number RP . 159.160 and 163/2014 and the other issued on 08.08.2014 with file number RP. no. 159/14, 160/14, 163/14, regarding the procurement activity “Supply of Vehicles” with procurement number RP 214/14/100/111, initiated by the Contracting Authority – Kosovo Police. Meanwhile, on September 8, 2014, FOL Movement received a letter from PRB stating that the letter contents the clarifications requested by FOL from this body in relation to these two decisions.
Although on the international day of literacy, unfortunately the letter sent by the PRB to FOL Movement except that it does not comply with the requests of FOL Movement, it does not even meet the basic criteria that this institution formally had to apply in an official communications.
Having a confusing and suspicious situation about these two decisions of PRB for the same procurement activity, FOL Movement has considered it reasonable that there are needed further clarification about these decisions. In this context, FOL has sent a letter to the President of PRB Mr. Hysni Hoxha and asked for clarification that are not neither in the decisions of the PRB nor on the Public Procurement Law such as:
If in the decision of the President of the PRB is stated that the first decision of the Review Panel was taken under the measure of influence, then:
1. Based in particular on the Article 130 of the LPP, specifically under what influence have fallen the members of the Review Panel?
2. If the President of PRB has concluded that this decision was taken under the influence then what measures have been taken by the PRB against the members of the Review Panel?
3. Is the Ministry of Internal Affairs informed the about this situation and are there and what are the results of MIA on this issue in accordance with Article 130 paragraph 3 of the Law on Procurement.
There were no specific answers in none of these points, there were only generalized answers by referring to the decision that was taken by the chairman of the PRB.
In order to increase the transparency and accountability of this institution and in order to avoid the uncertainties and doubts about mismanagement and possible misuses, FOL Movement, publicly repeats its request to the President of the PRB asking for clear explanations about these decisions.
Please find below the request sent again to the PRB by FOL and the original response that the organization has received from this institution regarding this request.
1. Request to PRB for additional clarification about the tender Kosovo Police Supply of Vehicles
2. The answer of PRB