The institutional crisis is harming the interests of the citizens of Kosovo

Prishtina, February 14, 2011 – Movement FOL, through this press release expresses its concern about the institutional and political crisis in the country. This crisis, which continues from September 2010, is seriously harming the state-building process in Kosovo and its European perspective.
The disability of the political class and institutions to find solutions to the crisis created is mostly harming the citizens. Because of this situation, Kosovo will be closing the second month of the year without an approved budget.

Also, the lack of institutions will reflect on the third anniversary of Independence of the country, giving bad messages for democracy building and the rule of law in Kosovo.

The elections of the December 12, 2010 did not provide the most votes to any political party to constitute the government, thus imposing a coalition government. We can not understand the delays because of the disagreements of assigning positions.

The interests of the citizens of Kosovo should be a priority and should not remain hostage to the ego and personal greed for power of individuals within political parties, and in this case even within the institutions of the country.

Therefore, political parties, party leaders, representatives who come from the recent parliamentary elections, must exceed their ill-spirited interests by directing the agenda at the practical problems that Kosovo citizens face every day.