The Anti-corruption Strategy 2012-2016 with the same weaknesses of previous strategies

Prishtina, 27 January “ Today Movement FOL held the debate on “Anti-Corruption Strategy 2012-2016: Expectations of institutions and civil society in the fight against corruption”. In this debate was discussed about the weaknesses and advantages of this strategy in preventing and fighting corruption.

The researcher of Movement FOL Armend Mazreku, stated that “during the process of drafting the new strategy 2012-2016, it has unfortunately repeated some of the weaknesses of the previous strategy.” Further, he stated that “the fight against corruption cannot be successful if there is no political will of public institutions. The Lack of preliminary analyses which would indicate the high level of corruption, its causes and characteristics, the lack of an objective analyses on the applicability of the previous strategy 2009-2011, and a more comprehensive inclusion of all sectors in the strategy 2012-2016 are some of the concerns of Movement FOL ” said Mr. Mazreku.

Meanwhile, the chief of the division for legislation and education in the Anti-Corruption Agency, Burim Sadiku, said on the other hand, that the Agency has made a report of the previous strategy. According to him “the new strategy is grounded on local and international institutions” estimations regarding the level of corruption in our country.” Further he stated that, “the purpose of the new strategy is the progressive reduction of the level of corruption in our country and the Agency, along with other institutions and civil society, will do anything possible to apply this strategy and thus to achieve the expected results”.