SPEAK Openly with Prosecution in Prishtina municipality

Prishtina, 29 June 2011-FOL Movement in collaboration with the State Chief Prosecution, have conducted the debate in Prishtina municipality, within the campaign “Prosecutions closer to the citizen”. Participants in this debate were the representatives of civil society, media and citizens of these municipalities. The panel members present were Chief Prosecutor in Kosovo, Mr. Ismet Kabashi, Deputy Chief Prosecutor of the Special Prosecution Mrs. Sevdije Morina, District Chief Prosecutor in Pristina, Mr. Alexander Lumezi, Municipal Chief Prosecutor in Pristina, Mr. Haki Gecaj and Mrs. Drita Hajdari Coordinator of Corruption Cases.

Petrit Zogaj from FOL Movement, thanking the participants said that “FOL Movement in collaboration with the State Chief Prosecutor today, are running the seventh debate in Kosovo in seven main centres within the campaign” Prosecutions closer to the citizen “, whereby both aim to increase information about the role and work of the prosecution, to discuss challenges, constraints and future plans, to encourage citizens to cooperate with prosecutors, and to discuss the perception created for the prosecutor in Kosovo “.

State chief prosecutor, Mr. Kabashi said that the prosecution is very interested to be a fully transparent institution towards citizens, civil society and media and appreciated the initiative of Movement FOL for its commitment to the realization of this campaign. Mr. Kabashi said that “the prosecution system in Kosovo is currently facing a problem regarding of public perception to prosecution, where the latter in most cases is perceived to represent the judicial system, but people must understand and distinguish that the prosecution is an independent system and is a party of the proceedings “. According to him “conditions in 2010 are more favourable for prosecution to be a more efficient institution, finances of the prosecutors has improved significantly and the process of appointment and re-appointment of prosecutors has provided prosecutors with professional credibility and high moral integrity and ethics “. He added that “the prosecution in 2010 has managed to precede 8.2% more cases than the previous year and this year there have been many more cases of registration of citizens in the prosecution.” Prosecution will pay particular attention to cases dealing with corruption and organized crime which, according to prosecutor Kabashi “within the Special Prosecutor was created the task forces to fight anti-corruption and in all of the district prosecutions has been assigned a prosecutor who deals with the investigation of these cases. “

The debate continued with the Deputy Chief Prosecutor of the Special Prosecutor, Ms. Sevdije Morina, who presented the history of the operation of this prosecution, she said that “this prosecution is founded in 2006, while in 2008 was approved the Law on Special Prosecution.” She said this prosecution is paying a particular attention to cases related to organized crime and corruption, that”s why last year was also established the task forces. This prosecution according to Mrs. Morina is composed of four sectors, “the sector against terrorism, war crimes, organized crime and money laundering, where for each sector are profiled special prosecutors.” Mrs. Morina ended her speech by saying that “special prosecution cases are very complicated and therefore the investigation process can be last up to 24 months.” Since 2006, the prosecutor has handled 250 cases where among these cases 67 were of war crimes.

District Chief Prosecutor in Pristina, Mr. Alexander Lumezi, said that this prosecution is overcharged considering the large number of the cases and the territory covered. This prosecution according to him “includes about 45% of the territory of Kosovo, with about one million inhabitants and covers most of central and public institutions of Kosovo.” No matter this fact, this prosecution was the most successful and efficient prosecution “where only one prosecutor has processed over 180 cases in 2010,” said Mr. Lumezi. We are making utmost efforts to be accountable and transparent institution.

The debate continued with Mr. Haki Gecaj, Municipal Chief Prosecutor in Prishtina, who said: “This prosecution has 16 prosecutors, 2 of them are delegated to the District Court and are now in the process of profiling prosecutors under investigation natures.” Municipal prosecution according to Mr. Gecaj, is the most charged prosecution ” only in 2010 we have accepted over 3400 adult cases, over 165 juvenile cases, approximately 1716 cases and 3943 various criminal charges against unknown suspects”. He said the priority of this prosecution has been investigating abuses during the election commissioners last year, so far “about 64 cases have been handled and investigations are ongoing for other cases.”

After that, the discussion was opened to the participants and had questions and answers, between participants and panellists invited to this debate.