SPEAK Openly with Prosecution in Mitrovica

Mitrovica, June 27, 2011 ” FOL Movement in cooperation with the State Chief Prosecutor held the debate in the municipality of Mitrovica, within the campaign “Prosecutions closer to the citizen”. Participants in these debates have been representatives of civil society, media, and representatives of political parties and citizens of these municipalities. The panel members were Chief Prosecutor of Kosovo, Mr. Ismet Kabashi, District Chief Prosecutor in Mitrovica, Mr. Shyqri Syla, Municipal Chief Prosecutor in Mitrovica, Mr. Faruk Korenica.

Petrit Zogaj from FOL Movement, thanking the participants said that “these debates are taking place in order to clarify the work of prosecutors, which is often confused with the work of the judiciary and for many unsolved cases the prosecution is blamed.”

State chief prosecutor, Mr. Kabashi after talking about the organizational structure and responsibilities of the prosecution, said that “currently in Kosovo are engaged 78 prosecutors whereas there should be 146 of them.” However, according to him, for all vacancies there is an advertised vacancy and it is that believed by the end of October or early November this process of selection of the prosecutors will end. He said that “according to the new law, prosecutors’ selection will be conducted by Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, and it is believed that no more others could impact on their work since they have perpetual contract of work “. According to Kabashi, in 2010 the prosecution has solved 71% of the cases, and that 95% of the charges are confirmed by the courts. Regarding the functioning of the prosecution in the district of Mitrovica, Kabashi said we are informed about the hard conditions because of non – functioning of the building in the north. He said that by Tuesday, will begin renovating the building of the prosecution in northern Mitrovica and it will make it easier to work.

Meanwhile, Shyqri Syla, District Chief Prosecutor in Mitrovica, said that there is a shortage of prosecutors and in addition he mentioned that in 20 meters square work 4 prosecutors. “Because of bad conditions we are working in the court premises in Vushtrri and we are forced to operate with only one on call prosecutor and we deal only with emergency cases,” said Syla.

Whereas, the Municipal Chief Prosecutor of Mitrovica, Faruk Korenica, estimated the situation in this prosecution as alarming. “We have only one prosecutor and a deputy prosecutor and that by law there must be 9 of them.” According to him on this prosecution are piled up many cases, and that once we asked the police stations not to send more cases because they don”t even have space to store them. “We work in 15 m / square and what is the worst we have no room or office where we could talk with witnesses” Korenica said, adding that some months ago the State Chief Prosecutor has ordered that all cases must be received so we had to receive them.

After this, the discussion was opened to the participants and had questions and answers, between participants and panellists invited to this debate.