Publication of the report “Non-Public Procurement”

Project Coordinator, Fidan Kalaja, stated that this activity is a summary and analysis of Procurement Review Body (PRB) data, Public Procurement Regulatory Commission (PPRC), media and direct monitoring of the procedures by the Movement FOL.

He stressed that during this period Movement FOL has managed to sign a memorandum for monitoring of procurement procedures in the Ministry of Justice and also today we have been informed by the Ministry of Health and Public Administration for signing such a memo. He criticized the Ministry of Infrastructure and Education by rejecting our request for monitoring of procurement procedures in these ministries.

Meanwhile, policy analyst, Armend Mazreku, presented the findings of this report; he said that the institutions, public enterprises and other public agencies have continued just like before the old legal irregularities in the procurement process. During the period from January to March, 21 violations have been committed, three of them resulted in fines in amount to ” 70.000.00: 20.000.00 ” for PTK, ” 20.000.00 for the Ministry of Transport and Communications and 30,000. ” 00 for Telecommunications Regulatory Authority;

According to him, the Government of Kosovo has committed 4 violations, municipalities have also committed 4 violations, Public Enterprises (KEC and PTK) have committed 4 violations, the Constitutional Court has committed a legal violations during the procurement activity “translation services and transcript-Part 1 “.

Due to such irregularities this procurement activity has been re-tendered by PRB, the Assembly of Kosovo has committed a violation of Article 32.4 of PPL upon cancellation of the procurement activity “Renovation of room 301 in the building of Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo, Office of the Auditor General during the month of February, in February it has violated the procurement procedures in the tender “mobile telephony services to staff of OAG”, ART has not respected the decision of the PRB to re-evaluate the tender “Tender / Proposal for the National Centre for Radio Spectrum Monitoring” and then imposed a fine of 30.000.00 euro; Kosovo Customs has violated Article 59 and 60 of the PPL in the tender “Supply with hygienic expendable material “;
In addition to these violations, there are three other institutions that have committed violations: the Kosovo Property Agency (re-evaluation), Prishtina International Airport (re-tendering) and the Food and Veterinary Agency (re-tender).