Amnesty draft-law to be removed from the agenda

Prishtina , July 3 – FOL Movement calls the management and members of the Assembly to remove from the agenda the approval of the draft law on amnesty. FOL believes that this draft law, as it is shown in its content, is against the basic premises of liberal justice and the principles applied by open societies and democratic states. As such, the draft law violates the basics of constitution and law of our Republic. Brought without any prior debate, and as a result of negotiations between the prime ministers of the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia, the draft law in question essentially violates the freedoms, rights and basic principles of human rights, freedoms that are guaranteed by the Constitution.

As a unique case in the world, this draft law would cause a instability in the system which remains very weak, non- functional and in a part of the territory completely ineffective.

Therefore, FOL sent a request to all Members of the Assembly that this draft law be removed completely from the agenda for the next meeting, and thus enable the opening of a broad social debate on issues related to this draft law and consequences that would bring it to the very foundations of the state of Kosovo.

On the contrary , if the draft law is passed in the Assembly tomorrow, it would be a huge blow to the spirit that the Republic of Kosovo represents itself, and would represent a dangerous precedent and extremely disadvantageous to the process of state – building and the general interest of the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo .