Procurement, a field with lots of problems

Prishtina, 30 May “ Today Movement FOL held the debate on the topic “Problems of Contracting Authorities in the Field of Procurement”, where were presented the problems identified by FOL movement while monitoring the procurement procedures in the Ministry of Justice, Kosovo Correctional Service and the Ministry of Public Administration.
In this debate participated representatives from the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Public Administration and Kosovo Correctional Service. During the debate it was mentioned that the problems in procurement procedures start with the requesting unit, which makes technical specifications, and which in the most cases appear to be discriminatory for economic operators.

In this debate was also stated that the compilation of tender files continues to be one of the main problems, which due to the large demands and not well harmonized regarding the documents that should be brought by Economic Operators, they are reluctant to apply or in most cases fail to comply with the requirements specified by the Contracting authorities.

Procurement Manager in Kosovo Correctional Service, Sadri Emërllahu, said that “In 2012 we started to demand the minimum documentation and not to cancel the tenders for administrative matters and this has increased the number of participants of the economic operators in different tenders”.

Meanwhile, Admir Salihu of FOL Movement stressed that “Lots of irregularities that occur in the procurement area are result of numerous deficiencies of the Law on Public Procurement”. Further, he claimed that “in some cases, ministries come together and announce joint tenders, then the procurement staff should be profiled even more by the professional preparation, and to improve working conditions for procurement offices “. On this occasion FOL Movement has recommended that technical specifications should be designed more carefully and professionally, then the evaluation committee should be more competent and tender dossiers should be standardized.