Policy Brief: Government decisions did not fight corruption

October 28, 2012 – Movement FOL published the analysis ” The Impact of Government Decisions in the Fight Against Corruption 2010-2011″. Researcher of FOL Movement, Armend Mazreku, said the policy brief highlights the impact of government main decisions in the fight against corruption that have been approved over the years 2010 and 2011.

“From 2008 until now, the main priority of Thaci’s government was said to be fighting and preventing corruption. However, the reason why it is repeated so many times is because fighting corruption has never been a priority of this government. If fighting corruption would be indeed a priority of this government, the level of corruption in public institutions would become very low and Kosovo will not be ranked as the most corrupt country in Europe “, he said.

This policy brief demonstrates a lack of seriousness of the Government issuing consistent decisions in the area of preventing and fighting corruption. The six decisions analysed, two issued to consolidate the institutional framework and four to complete the anti-corruption legal framework, show a general lack of the impact that they should have to reduce the level of corruption in public institutions.

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