Over 7 million is the difference between the statements of property of senior officials in ACA and CEC

Prishtina, June 9, 2011 ” Today Movement FOL published the first Comparative Report on Evaluation of Declaration of the members of the Assembly of Kosovo at the Anti-Corruption Agency and the Central Election Commission. Based on the findings of this report, FOL has identified significant differences that exist between what the members of the Assembly of Kosovo have stated in ACA and CEC.

This report focuses precisely on the quality of the property declaration. This is done by focusing on a group of senior officials directly elected, respectively by comparing their property statements to the Anti Corruption Agency and the Central Election Commission (both made in 2010). The aim is that by identifying potentially incorrect data and possible inconsistencies, to give an insight into what challenges and problems the process of declaration of property of senior officials is going to face in the technical aspect, so that they can improve and promote the implementation of constitutional and legal obligation of senior officials to declare their property.

This report contains detailed data on the number of senior officials who are required to declare their property, the number of those who have done this duty during the reporting period and those who have not done so, and the number of officers against whom Anti-Corruption Agency has requested the imposition of administrative sanctions. According to the report, out of 800 senior public officials required to declare their property, 619 of them have declared the property, while 173 of them have not done this, which represents a 78.1% rate of implementation. Regarding the year 2010, within the first term of declaration (March 31, 2010) implementation rates increased 9.97% (from 78.1% to 88.07%). Expressed in absolute figures, from 1560 senior officials obliged to declare their property, 1374 of them have done so and 186 of them not, but by June there are only 69 of whom have not declared the property. Within the deadline for regular annual declaration of property, the rate of implementation is reported to be increased for 7.63% (from 88.07% to 95.7%). Regarding inter-institutional declaration of property of senior public officials, the report of 2009 shows refusal by two executive institutions to cooperate with the Anti Corruption Agency in providing requested information, while in 2010 there was no any barriers of this nature reported.

The findings presented in this policy analysis show that the declaration of the property of senior officials still faces challenges and problems. Among the most important identified are: there is considerable difference between the form of ACA and the CEC of declaration of the property of senior officials, the lack of a guideline on declaration of property, lack of mechanisms and procedures for verification of the property declared, the variance of data for different categories of property, and often even contradictory information.