Open Call for the Award: “Speak Up on Procurement”

Lëvizja FOL (FOL Movement) with the support of the USAID Program – Transparent, Effective and Accountable Municipality, opens the call for applications for the “Speak Up on Procurement” Award.

Monitoring public procurement by journalists directly or indirectly will push relevant institutions to review their working methods in order to be more transparent and accountable in spending public money.

Therefore, to encourage investigative journalism in the field of public procurement, FOL will award three prizes for articles published by investigative journalists in this field who have reported irregularities and abuses through public procurement procedures. The first prize will be 500 euros, the second 300 euros and the third will be 200 euros.

Who can apply?

Journalists that work in Kosovo, as freelancers or employed by media registered in Kosovo.

– Articles must be published for all forms of journalism (print, internet, radio and TV) broadcast in Kosovo media in the official language.

– Articles/stories submitted for application must be published during the calendar year 1 January – 31 December 2020.

Application/Nomination Procedure:

– Apply by sending the article, the publication link and a brief bio of the applicant to the email: [email protected], with the subject “Application/nomination for the FOL award for procurement”

Deadline for application:

– The deadline for application is no later than 19.03.2021 11:59pm.


The “Speak up on Procurement” Award Jury will consist of media experts and experts in the field of public procurement.