Olofsson SPEAK Openly: “We don”t have a good governance system in Kosovo”

Prishtina, July 15, 2011 – Movement FOL held the next day debating of the forum “SPEAK Openly” with General Auditory of Kosovo, Mr. Lars Lage Olofsson, discussing “The responsibility and accountability of the expenditure of public money” but also the reports of this institution dealing with the audit of financial statements of the institutions of Kosovo.

Policy Analyst in the Movement FOL Armend Mazreku, said that Kosovo institutions except that they should be accountable and transparent to other institutions, they must be to citizens of Kosovo as well.

Auditor General of Kosovo, Mr. Lars Lage Olofsson, said that one of his tasks is to build a modern auditor and to contribute to better governance in Kosovo. “In Kosovo we don”t have a good governance system; there is lack of understanding of a good system of organization works. This system is not only the public sector; the system should also involve the civil society. The main issue here is that we have a bureaucracy in terms of selection of people. These people have responsibilities. The fact that the budget is left in their trust, they should do that the best way p[possible, in a transparent manner and it is everyone’s responsibility. It is very easy to be done, one only has to be willing for that, “Olofsson said. How this money is spent, it is the main purpose of the Auditor General in Kosovo.

Further Olofsson said that everyone should be aware of his duty and responsibility. “We must build mechanisms of control and balance, in order to build a genuine democratic system.”
He stated that during the time he has been here, he has started a progress for a better system. “It is important that things be addressed at the same level. Over the years the system is getting better and this has to do with the procurement. It is also very important to discuss the financing of political parties. Political parties are private and not public sector, so it is not a good European standard that we deal with political parties. It is not our job to deal with political parties. This is a work of the CEC, and then we go and audit the CEC and see how they have done this work and see how much money was given to a party. “

Olofsson said that the contract with Bechtel & Enka to construct the highway is one of the 40 projects to be audited during this year. According to him, people in Kosovo, cannot come together as a nation, as a country to save public money. “People here are divided into families, clans, etc., and do not get together to protect their interests. Even politicians should be more careful what decisions need to be taken. When you’re sitting in a position where you can make decisions, it should be very clear to you what future may your children have. People here see only a short time, only two years, so this should be changed and they should think for the future generations. “

Auditor General promised that they are knocking on the door of each institution and recall them that they are not doing their job properly, and he said that he does not want its recommendations implemented by the institutions, because they would not learn anything.