Lëvizja FOL part of the Pro Open coalition

Prishtina, 6 February 2018 – Lëvizja FOL will be part of the Pro Open coalition for data disclosure and accountability in Public Procurement.

Below you can read the statement on the establishment of this coalition:

Declaration on the Establishment of the Coalition for Data Opening and Accountability in Public Procurement – Pro Open

Good management of public funds is a key element of providing services to citizens from each public institution. Public procurement in Kosovo since the establishment of self-governing institutions has been and remains a green field for corruption, despite the intentions to regulate this sector with good laws, which are based on European legislation. Interventions of interest groups in many cases related to political parties have continuously violated all public procurement reform initiatives in Kosovo and the effective implementation of the law.

Despite numerous donor assistance projects for Kosovo institutions and ongoing attempts to regulate this sensitive sector in Kosovo, corruption remains at high levels. This situation has caused the provision of services to citizens to be weak, empowering companies that have paid bribes and enriched public officials who have an impact on the award and management of public contracts. Throughout this period, there was a lack of structured interaction between media and civil society, which should keep alive the pressure on public officials through public information on public procurement problems.

All this cannot happen until the government continues to be closed to the citizens. Open data disclosure is one of the key elements that can enhance the transparency of government officials, stimulating innovation, and provides business support to market research, thus contributing to raising investment and improving citizens’ lives. This coalition will put constant pressure on the government to make the opening of the data as soon as possible.

In order to combat corruption in public procurement, this coalition also aims to increase pressure on public institutions through exposure to corruption to address all identified violations in procurement. The Coalition will denounce all officials and companies who commit offenses in procurement and will monitor the response of the justice institutions.

Coalition for Open Data and Accountability in Public Procurement “Pro Open”:

Kosovo Foundation for Open Society

Luan Shllaku

Lëvizja FOL

Jeton Zulfaj

Organizata Çohu

Arton Demhasaj

EC Ma Ndryshe

Edon Mullafetahu

Democracy Plus

Valmir Ismaili

Kosovo Democratic Institute i

Ismet Kryeziu

Riinvest Institute

Alban Hashani

Iniciativa për Progres

Albulena Nrecaj

Columbus Institute

Dardan Selimaj