KPK and PSH should publish the activities carried out within their Annual Work Plans

Pristine, 07 MAY 2021 – The FOL movement has organized today a roundtable discussion, on which occasion it has published the report “Implementation of the Work Plan of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council (KPK) and the State Prosecutor (PSH) for 2020”.

Mexhide Demolli – Nimani, Executive Director of the FOL Movement, said that given the importance and weight of the responsibility of the holders of the institutions of the prosecutorial system, monitoring and analyzing the work of these institutions is of particular importance to civil society. Therefore, according to her, FOL Movement during these months has monitored the level of implementation of the Work Plan of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council and the State Prosecutor for 2020 without being released in the analysis of their quality and effectiveness but only in quantitative terms.

Albana Hasani, Researcher in the FOL Movement, said that the Work Plan of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council for 2020, based on the answers received from this institution, has managed to be realized about 81% by this institution. Meanwhile, according to the answers received by the State Prosecutor, the Work Plan of the State Prosecutor has managed to be realized about 97%

According to Hasani, the publication of data regarding the work and activities of these institutions on the official website of the Prosecutorial System continues to be a concern. According to her, out of 143 realized activities of KPK, on its official website this institution has published data for the realization of only 18 activities, or only for 13% of them, while from all realized activities of the Plan of PSHP work, this instutition has published only 2 activities.

“This therefore remains one of the challenges of these institutions in this regard, and that undoubtedly the continuous publication of the activities carried out, would increase the transparency of these institutions and strengthen public confidence in the work of the Prosecutorial System in general.”

Jetish Maloku, Chairman of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, said that they have managed to fulfill the work plan exactly, adding that the pandemic has prolonged some of the activities.

“We have in mind the circumstances in 2020, unfortunately the pandemic has been the heaviest stone in the Council, it has negatively affected our work. “There is no dilemma that a halved staff has influenced the updating of our activities with the work plan for 2020”, said Maloku.

“I am just happy to see that 81%. “We will take these findings seriously and a report will be introduced where there is room for improvement,” Maloku concluded.

Bahri Hyseni, from the State Prosecutor, said that the FOL report is very real and will affect the advancement of their work in general. He later said that, despite working with reduced staff due to the pandemic, they managed to seize close to 20 million euros, target 9 cases of corruption and file 10 indictments. “The year 2020 is special and I would like all activities to be realized, but we had problems. The advancement of accountability continues all the time “, said Hyseni.

“There are no statute of limitations for the prosecutor, 50 thousand cases have been completed. Although with reduced staff we have reached 113% to complete more courses than have come to us. Strengthening the fight against corruption, 20 million euros have been seized, but we have a problem with confiscation. “Only this month, the Prosecution has seized about 20 million euros”, concluded Hyseni.