Irregularities in the Ministry of Infrastructure, alarming

Prishtina, May 12, 2011 – The media reported on Thursday about irregularities and misuses in procurement in the Ministry of Infrastructure, as a result Kosovo budget is supposed to be harmed millions of euro. Such a situation was created as a result of a tender for summer and winter maintenance of national and regional roads of Republic of Kosovo for the year 2011/2012.

Thus, the Ministry of Infrastructure continues to lead in regarding suspicion of mismanagement and irregularities in the conduct of procurement procedures and award of public contracts. One of the main reasons that contribute to abuse in procurement in the ministry is the lack of transparency in the tendering process. FOL movement long ago asked the Ministry of Infrastructure to open procurement office for monitoring by civil society and media, but our request was not accepted.

Movement FOL takes this opportunity to once again request the Ministry of Infrastructure to allow FOL Movement, other civil society organizations, media and other institutions to have access to the monitoring of procurement procedures in order to increase the level of transparency in this ministry, which it could prevent abuse and corruption.

Regarding suspicions published in media about the tender for the maintenance of national roads, the movement FOL requires from the Ministry of Infrastructure respectively Minister Mr. Fehmi Mujota to investigate procedures for identifying individuals who, by their actions harmed the state budget, to be transparent and accountable regarding this case to the citizens of Kosovo.

We ask the Prosecution and Kosovo Police to immediately initiate investigation proceedings regarding these suspicions, and the Agency for Competitiveness must initiate investigations on suspicion that there was a prior agreement of the winning bid.