Government: Only 10 anti-corruption verdicts among 367 of them in 2011,

Pristina, March 9, 2012 – Kosovo as the most affected country by corruption in 2011 was faced with a lack of willingness to fight against corruption.
“The Government of Kosovo during 2011 has approved 367 verdicts. Only 10 verdicts have been regarding prevention and fighting corruption. Within these verdicts are approval of the draft law on Public Procurement, Declaration, Origin and Control of property and gifts of Senior Public officials, the one on the Prevention of Conflicts of Interest, the draft law on protection of informants (whistle blowers law), draft law on witness protection, the one on financing of political parties, draft law of amendment of the law for the benefit of former senior officials., “said Nora Bajrami, Researcher at Movement FOL.

Also, the Kosovo government has supported the request of Kosovo Special Prosecutor for reimbursement of allowances and financial support to its employees, the chief executive officer at the Agency of Management of Seized Property has been appointed and the draft Criminal Code of the Republic of Kosovo has been approved.
“Assembly of Kosovo during 2011 has held a total of 37 sessions. During this period several anti-corruption laws have been approved, which are expected to affect directly or indirectly in fight against corruption, organized crime and the informal economy. The laws that have been approved during this year are: Law on Witness Protection, Law on Protection of informers, the Law on Declaration, Origin and control of property of Senior Public Officials, Law on Preventing Conflict of Interest, and Law on public procurement, law on political parties finance and the amending and supplementing law for the benefit of former senior officials” said Bajrami.

According to her, the statistics of Judicial Council, show that during 2011 have been undertaken several decisions and measures in fight against corruption. During the reporting period District Court had inherited 45 cases, 24 cases summoned and 16 cases solved. Among 9 cases with court sentence, 6 cases were with imprisoning sentence, 3 with a suspended sentence, other sentences 1, 2 with the acquittal verdict and 5 cases in other sentences. At the end of the reporting period 53 cases remain unsolved. “

Meanwhile in municipal courts, 206 cases have been inherited from the reporting period, 132 cases have been summoned, and 120 cases have been solved. Among 82 cases with court verdict, 14 cases are imprisoning sentence, 45 cases with financial fine, 22 cases, suspended sentence, 1 case other sentences. With acquittal verdicts have been pronounced 6 cases, with rejecting trial 3 cases and 29 in other ways. The year 2011 has been closed with 218 unsolved cases.

Prosecutions of the Republic of Kosovo during 2011 have submitted 959 criminal charges of corruption against 1862 people. During the period January-December 2011 the country’s prosecutions have solved 538 criminal charges against 1038 people, while 421 criminal charges against 824 people remain unsolved. Among the solved cases, 107 charges were filed against 139 people, 107 charges against 478 people, 165 criminal charges against 216 people and the investigations have been pended in 31 cases against 71 people, said Nora Bajrami a researcher at Movement FOL..


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