Government approves 50 decisions in two months, none is against corruption

Prishtina, May 27, 2011 ” Today, Movement FOL, published the two- month report (March – April) on institutional activities in the fight against corruption.
According to this report we find out that the Government of Kosovo during these two months has approved 50 (fifty) decisions. None of these decisions has been in the fight against corruption, organized crime or informal economy. In these decisions, within these decisions are the establishment of the Unit for International Cooperation in Law Enforcement and Legislative Strategy 2011.

Kosovo Assembly during two months (March and April) held seven plenary sessions. 4 (four) were held in March and 3 (three) of them in April. In none of these sessions has been discussed the high level of corruption in public institutions of the country.

Kosovo Judicial Council during the first quarter was not very productive in solving anti-corruption cases. Within the category “abuse of official duty or authority” 81 cases are unsolved at the beginning of the reporting period, 17 cases has been filed, 98 cases ongoing, 14 cases solved and 84 cases remain unsolved . In the category of “taking bribe” 21 cases are unsolved at the beginning of the reporting period, 2 cases have been filed, 23 cases ongoing, 0 cases solved and 23 remains unsolved. In the category of “giving bribe” 9 cases are unsolved at the beginning of the reporting period, 0 cases filed, 9 cases ongoing, 0 cases solved and 9 unsolved cases.

According to statistics from the Department for Investigation of Economic Crimes and Corruption (DIECC) Kosovo Police in March-April has conducted 106 investigations: 96 for abuse of official duty and 10 for taking bribe. 2 (two) suspects have been, 16 cases are sent to the Prosecution with identified suspects, 26 cases are sent to the Prosecution with special report. Meanwhile the value of damages alleged is likely to be calculated 139355.00 Euro: 131,950.00 for abuse of official position or authority and 7,405.00 for taking of bribes.

While Kosovo Customs over the past two months (March and April) have announced five disciplinary measures. These measures have been only in April. Within them are three written warnings and two training recommendation. The Professional Standards Department dealt with eight cases: four in March and four others in April. In March, the allegations were negligence in performing official duties, and in April damage of Customs property (1), failure to show up at work (1) and two other cases of negligence in the performance of official duty.

Publication of this report was supported by USAID through the Program for Strengthening Civil Society and implemented by the Institute for Sustainable Communities.