Fair trials are necessary to increase the confidence in justice system

Prishtina, December 20, 2013 – Today, FOL Movement organized a round table on the topic: The Right for a “Fair Trial”, in this occasion was published also the report with the same title. This table served as a platform for discussing the preconditions of the right for a Fair Trial and its practical implementation in Kosovo, a topic which was also analyzed in the report.

Participants in this meeting were representatives from Basic Prosecution in Prishtina, Kosovo Police, EULEX, Civil Society, media and experts of human rights and freedoms.

Kenan Tora from FOL Movement stated that the purpose of this report is to analyze the preconditions of the right for a Fair Trial and its application in judicial practice in the context of the cases related to corruption and abuse of authority monitored by FOL Movement . Then Admir Salihu also from FOL Movement continued with the report’s main findings and recommendations. He said that the right for a Fair Trial is a right guaranteed by all international conventions of human rights and also its implementation in Kosovo is also empowered by the Constitution and other laws applicable in Kosovo. However, the current system does not provide adequate defense. The commitment of public institutions of the Republic of Kosovo regarding the implementation of international standards on the protection of human rights, empowered by the Constitution, requires a much greater commitment in practice. He continued that, it is recommended continuing training and education of judges, prosecutors and lawyers regarding to human rights, higher acting standards by prosecutors, higher ethical and legal standards and appropriate measures should be taken including disciplinary actions in cases where lawyers do not act in accordance with professional standards provided by the Code of the Chamber of Attorneys or legal provisions.

Meanwhile Fikrije Krasniqi-Fejzullahu, Prosecutor at Basic Prosecution in Prishtina, highly praised the preparation of this report and said that all the findings of the report are true and also praised the recommendations. She said that the increase of the cases is one of the main causes affecting the delay for trials, which has a direct impact on the implementation of standards for a fair trial.

Hilmi Jashari an experts of human rights said that this report will help in paving the way for the advancement of standards for a fair trial in Kosovo’s judicial system. He went on to say that if Kosovo would be a member of the Council of Europe, current problems with the implementation of standards for a Fair Trial will also bring damage to the Kosovo budget, since Kosovo would become then, an object of appeals to the European Court of Human Rights.
Shqipe Ibraj-Mala, Deputy Ombudsman said that such reports help in advancing human rights standards in our country. She also stressed the problems of justice institutions due to the lack of human and technical capacities.

Emin Beqiri from Department for Investigation of Economic Crimes and Corruption in Kosovo Police said that the institution he heads, is constantly working on professional advancement in processing cases. But to achieve progress in this matter, a proper coordination between all institutions of justice is needed.

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