FOL wins the case against MTPT regarding the Morine-Merdare highway contract

Prishtina, 6 Mars 2018 – Lëvizja FOL has been announced today by the Basic Court in Pristina that it has won the case against the Ministry of Infrastructure, which has rejected eight years ago the request for access to public documents, concretely access to the contract for the construction of the Morinë-Merdare highway.

“In the Indictment of the Basic Court of Prishtina, it is stated that is approved as lawsuit request of the  the accuser “Lëvizja FOL”  so MTPT (now Ministry of Infrastructure) is obliged within 30 days to allow Lëvizja FOL to have access to ” tender for the construction of the highway Morine-Merdare and a copy of the contract for the construction of this highway”.

Since the beginning of this project, FOL had asked the responsible institutions to be transparent in this tendering process, but never happened.

FOL expects that after this verdict becomes final, the Ministry of Infrastructure will allow access to the required documents 8 years ago.