Establishment of Debating Clubs in Gjakova

Movement FOL has been continuing the expansion of debating program by establishing the debating club in Gjakova. On Tuesday, April 26, 2012 was held a training on Karl Popper debate format with students of high schools in the offices of youth center in Gjakova , thus establishing three teams. The teams of the debating club of Gjakova will participate in debating tournaments that will be organized in the future.

Movement FOL has re-turned the debate program in Kosovo, in 2009. The debate program is currently present in eight municipalities in Kosovo. Initially there were only three municipalities (Municipality of Prishtina, Peja and Ferizaj) involved, whereas during 2011, it was extended to three other municipalities (Municipality of Suhareka, Malisheva and Mitrovica). Extension of 2012 includes the municipality of Prizren. Except in Gjakova, FOL movement aims to expand the program in other municipalities of Kosovo as well, in order to include as many young people in the program of as debate as possible.

The debate is an exceptional opportunity for youth development and education. To achieve success in academic and school life, young people need to know how to present their ideas and how to respond to the arguments of others who disagree with their ideas. Debate in a democratic society expands students’ knowledge, tools to understand the political and social developments and to argue about issues which they believe in.





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