Corruption Monitor: Special Prosecution on “vacation” for the first six months of the year

Prishtina, August 4, 2012 – Today, Movement FOL has published its report ‘Corruption Monitor’, which includes all institutional activities undertaken in the fight against corruption for six-month from January to June 2012.

According to the findings of this report we find out that “a larger geographical extent of corruption is in Prishtina – with 50 cases in prosecutions of the country, then Peja with 19 cases; Gjilan with 10; Prizren with 7; Ferizaj with 8; and Gjakova with 4 cases.
Meanwhile, the prosecutors that were not successful in the fight against corruption are: district and municipal prosecution of Mitrovica, and Special Prosecution of the Republic of Kosovo, which in the first half of this year did not raise even one single charge.

According to this report nearly the same are the municipal courts of Kosovo, which during this period have solved 64 cases: 36 in the context of abuse of official position, 10 in category of Taking Bribe and 18 in Giving Bribe. Meanwhile, at the end of the reporting period there are 187 cases unsolved: 126 in the category of Abuse of official position, 40 in category of Accepting Bribes and 21 in Giving Bribe.

FOL , within this report also published the statistics of the Department for Investigation of Economic Crimes and Corruption (DIECC), which shows that the Kosovo Police in the first six months of 2012 has conducted investigations in 95 Cases, 28 various public officials have been arrested, 69 Cases have been sent to the Prosecution with identified perpetrators, 1 case with unknown perpetrators (N / N), and 9 other cases with special prosecutor’s report.

Movement FOL concludes that the executive of the country has not demonstrated the will to fight corruption and prevent it in public institutions. Among the 180 decisions taken, according this report, only 4 of them have been in the “fight” against corruption: a) the approval of the Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan 2012-2016, b) establishment of the Executive Committee “Governance” (which will be focused on anti-corruption policies), and c) approval of the Anti-Corruption Agency’s request for dismissal of Mr. Elez Hajdaraj, a member of the Board of Directors of “Hidrodrini”, Sh.A. Peja and d) approval of another request of ACA for dismissal of Mr. Ismajl Jonuzi, member of the Board of Directors of the Kosovo Energy Corporation (KEK).

According to the report neither the Assembly of Kosovo was more productive in preventing and fighting corruption. From 29 plenary sessions held , only in two of them was discussed about the fight “against” corruption: a) Anti-Corruption Strategy and Action Plan 2012-2016 and b) Annual Report of the Anti Corruption Agency (2011). Regardless the discussions in these two sessions, they had no impact on reducing the high level of corruption in the country.
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