32 Public Institutions, only one is transparent

Prishtina, November 18, 2011 –  Movement FOL consequently for the second year has conducted a public policies research. Similarly with the study in 2010, this study evaluates the transparency of institutions and public enterprises operating in Kosovo. This year movement FOL was focused primarily on the progress made since last year’s study in the functioning of the internal structures of institutions and public enterprises that are responsible for issues of communication and public information, of course evaluating the same issues like in the previous report. Thus, this study focuses on the level that institutions and public enterprises have developed the capacity of their formal structures to ensure their full and effective implementation of constitutional and legal provisions guaranteeing the right of citizens to access public documents, respectively, communication and public information, in order to strengthen transparency and accountability to the public.

During today’s press conference was published the analysis “Transparency Index of Institutions and Public Enterprises in Kosovo II” in 2011. The analysis focuses on the implementation of the Law on Access to Public Documents, by the Offices of Public Communication in the respective institutions.
Director of Movement FOL Petrit Zogaj, said that “the questionnaire was sent to 32 public institutions, 16 of them responded, only 1 was ranked as an open institution, Kosovo Customs, respectively, Office of Public Communications. According to our study this office is estimated to be the most transparent and open regarding: institutions, media, civil society and citizens. This office got 93 points out of 100. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Communities and Returns, according to our assessment has taken 24 points out of 100, ranking it as the most closed institution. “

Please find in the chart below the ranking of the institutions

Transparency Index of Institutions and Public Enterprises (ranking for 2010 and 2011 ” comparative review):
2010 2011
1. Kosovo Customs (KC) 90 93
2. Ministry of Local Administration (MAL) 47 55
3. Kosovo Privatization Agency (KPA) N/A 55 N/A
4. Ministry of Health (MH) N/A 55 N/A
5. Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo (ARK) 53 50.5
6. Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) 69 48
7. Ministry of European Integrations (MEI) N/A 48 N/A
8. Kosovo Judicial Council (KJC) N/A 45.5 N/A
9. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) 62 45
10. Prime Minister”s Office (PMO) 41.5 42.5
11. Post and Telecommunication of Kosovo (PTK) 43 42.5
12. Ombudsman Institution (OI) N/A 39 N/A
13. Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP) N/A 39 N/A
14. Ministry of Justice (MJ) N/A 29.5 N/A
15. Ministry of Economical Development (MED) N/A 24.5 N/A
16. Ministry of Communities and Return (MCR) N/A 24 N/A