Back locked cases in the prosecutor’s office delays justice for the persons under investigation

Prishtina, 17 May 2017 – Lëvizja FOL held today the round table discussion “Prosecution Performance in the Fight Against Corruption”, where participants were Blerim Isufaj from Kosovo Prosecutorial Council, Sevdije Morina, Deputy Chief State Prosecutor, Prosecutor of Basic Prosecutions, Council of Europe Representatives, Civil Society Organizations and the media.

Jeton Zulfaj from Lëvizja FOL, said that prosecutors for 2016 have solved more cases than they have received.

“The flow of cases, pending cases on January 1, 2016 were 1424. We are talking about cases, but these are persons because the work of the prosecution is measured by persons in our judgment”. 826 there were the number of persons who entered during the calendar year. We are talking about 365 days and the total of subjects at work 2250 people, are solved 1073 people there you can see that 826 people who entered in 2016, 1073 are resolved that is a positive trend, he said.

Meanwhile, Blerim Isufaj, the head of KPC, said that the fight against corruption is a priority of the State Prosecution. “This report is extremely useful for analyzing cases of the state prosecutor through a clear methodology such as the prosecution case rate, trends, timing and statistical data coverage,” said Isufaj. According to him, this report is extremely useful as it is part of the council and provides a clear picture of the performance of the prosecutorial system, fighting corruption.

State Prosecutor Sevdije Morina is concerned with the large number of cases. “It is really a matter of big concern that Kosova should be on the road and their proceedings. Where there is no evidence, the task to be done is to carry out the duty with professionalism, because any other action to an official duty if someone sends a case to the court whenever there is no evidence. When it comes to the performance of prosecutors, raising the indictments is even more worrying if charges are raised without the foundation of the law, “Morina said.

Jetish Maloku, the Prosecutor of the Basic Prosecution in Gjilan, said that with all the work that has been done there is still a lot to be done. “We need public trust, so we have a lot to do in that direction,” Maloku said.

Stephanie Lefeuvre of the Council of Europe said that FOL has done very well using these indicators for the breakdown of these statistics.

Lëvizja FOL will publish during 2017 reports on measuring the three-month performance in the anti-corruption fight for the prosecution and the courts, but will also measure the performance of judges and prosecutors.

“This grant is funded by the Democratic Society Promotion (DSP) project funded by the Swiss Cooperation Office in Kosovo (SCO-K) and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DANIDA) and managed by the Kosovo Civil Society Foundation (KCSF )”.