Truth-o meter begins again

I’m going to give 5 minutes break. But you should know that this is a violation of the Constitution and violation of regulation. Any change of the result is unacceptable and pressure on the assembly members”
Jakup Krasniqi, President of the Assembly, 22 February 2011

Evaluation: true

The head of Parliament Jakup Krasniqi continues to repeat its position that the break has been a violation of the Constitution and Regulation of the Assembly but on the other he hasn”t done anything else but these declarations to amend this defect.
He did not advance the claim regarding the violation of the constitution, and the reaction during the session reflected more of a personal anger with Thaci, about the way of the decision in PDK that Pacolli should be the candidate for president, despite the agreement that he was supposed to be the candidate.

“By respecting our Constitution, we are creating our new strong institutions which derive from the will of our citizens and which will protect the interests of all our citizens.”
Hashim Thaci, the newly elected Prime Minister, February 22, 2011

Evaluation: False

The break taken by the members of the assembly in the middle of voting fot the election of the president is in contradiction with the Constitution and Regulation of the Assembly. The pressure is proved by Thaci’s request to have a break and the evidences shown by media such as sms communications about the election of the President. Kosovo’s constitution guarantees non-binding mandate of the members of the assembly in Article 70, Section 1. Where it says “Members of the Asembly are representatives of the people and not subjected to any binding term. Another violation of the Constitution is casting the vote the President of Kosovo himself for the Government after his had taken the oath as President.

“Everything is within the Constitution, laws of Kosovo, tools are provided, the cost will be about 100 million euros a year”.
Hashim Thaci, deposed prime minister, 06 January 2011

Evaluation: false

Two decisions of the dismissed government, number 01/151 and 02/151 signed by the deposed Prime Minister for increasing the salaries of teachers and other categories and that were to take effect from January 1, 2011, have not yet been implemented. These decisions were not in harmony with the Constitution and laws. Another statement of Thaci tells that increased salaries will be taken retroactively after the Kosovo budget is approved.
The rise of the salaries caused a lot of troubles with the IMF and ICO. Even in a media release the dismissed government”s spokesman Memli Krasniqi stated that the salaries are being executed, and this actually is not happening. “The decision was executed (today) and tomorrow (Tuesday) the salaries will be executed with the raise according to the Prime Minister”s decision,” he said. (February 1, 2011 Koha Ditore).

Contradictory statement
“The Headquarters in Qafa, Hashim Thaci”s LDK”
Uke Rugova, LDK Ibrahim Rugova, October 28, 2010
It turned out to be the opposite, while Uke Rugova used to accuse the LDK of Isa Mustafa regarding the government with Hashim Thaci, it was him who appeared to be interested only to become part of the government no matter with whom, even if it be Hashim Thaci. His vote was crucial for Pacolli to become president, but the relationship with Hashim Thaci was not welcomed by his father”s electorate, who used to respect him because of his father.
Uke Rugova also betrayed the electorate of AAK who had voted for him, because either this electorate did not want a coalition with Thaci’s PDK. The son of the former president, however, he has made the highest political trade, exchanging his vote with a number of high positions in government.