Meeting with the President of the Basic Court in Peja, Mr. Kreshnik Radoniqi

Peja, 13 October 2017 – Representatives of Lëvizja FOL met today with Mr. Kreshnik Radoniqi, President of the Basic Court in Peja. During this meeting were discussed about the work of the Basic Court of Peja, the large number of cases in this court as well as the working conditions of the judges. “The Peja Court is heavily charged with cases, in particular the Serious Crimes Department, as it is known that the city of Peja faces major crime problems,” Radoniqi said.

At this meeting, representatives of the Movement FOL presented to the Chief Judge the annual statistics of 2016 for corruption cases where the Court of Peja from 53 cases of this nature, only 29 of them has resolved. Meanwhile, in the first six months of this year, Peja had 68 cases out of the corruption offense chapter, and only 26 of them have been completed. According to them Peja has a large number of cases of this nature, which was not contested by Mr. Radoniqi. He said the reason for this large number of these cases is the lack of judges as well as the working conditions in this court. “We still do not have a court spokesperson, as well as we do not have a separate office, which is handled with statistics,” Radoniqi said.

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