A government with dirty hands

Prishtina , 21st February – Today is the second anniversary of the government Thaçi 2 . Exactly two years ago , Kosovo’s citizens had hoped that the Kosovo government will be ” a government with clean hands.” Expectations of the citizens , but also international mechanisms , had come after a three -year period of bad governance of PDK and LDK, parties which showed that the only thing they couldn’t do was a democratic and transparent governance. Thus, with a bad governance for three years , creating major corruption scandals , and showing unwillingness to build a new state , the largest party of the coalition , PDK , two years ago tried to create illusions about a “government with clean hands ” , as it was called at that time. However , this period was very short and very quickly proved the opposite .

We, as FOL Movement, exactly two years ago had requested that the Assembly of Kosovo, respectively the Assembly members should have been very careful about what government they will vote. We had symbolically thrown “detergent and soap”, to give the message that they should elect a government with clean hands.
Because of numerous corruption affairs during these two years, Kosovo government has proven that it is a government of corruption and also a government with dirty hands.

All what we remember, during this two-year period, are numerous corruption scandals. Some of them are as follows:
• A Deputy Prime Minister is accused of corrupt practices, and is on trial;
• A Deputy Prime Minister is involved in a case of corruption with the privatization of Grand Hotel;
• Corruption cases of senior officials of Ministry of Health;
• A few months ago another scandal emerged and which went beyond Kosovo, publishing biometric passports. In this grave corruption affair, Natali Veliaj mentioned involvement of senior officials of the MIA, whereas Minister Rexhepi continued his work up to date as if nothing had happened.

Therefore, we as a FOL Movement organized such a performance, which in addition to its symbolic character has a character of revolt as well against the high level of political corruption of this government, which during this two year period has governed with dirty hands.

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