Annual performance of Gjakova Municipality – Transparency and Accountability

Gjakova, February 23, 2013 – Today FOL Movement held in Gjakova a debate ” Annual performance of Municipality of Gjakova – Transparency and Accountability”. Panelist in this debate was Pal Lekaj, the Mayor of Gjakova. Other participants were representatives of political parties in the municipality, municipal councilors, chairman of the local communities, media and civil society representatives.

Petrit Zogaj, executive director of FOL Movement said that this debate is one of the debates that FOL is implementing, both at the central and local levels, that is in Gjakova and Podujeva. “The purpose of this debate is to discuss on the annual planning of the municipality of Gjakova in 2012, analyzing decision-making and transparency that should characterize any democratic government.”

In the meanwhile, the Mayor of Gjakova Pal Lekaj during the presentation of Gjakova municipality annual performance said that Gjakova is known as the most transparent municipality in Kosovo. Mayor’s Office, according to him, issued in 2012, 150 decisions for the benefit of the citizens whereas we have only 3 complaints. “During 2012 regarding the public procurement, the municipality of Gjakova had 87 tenders, there were only two complaints, one is retendered and one is approved,”.

Lekaj said that the municipality which he governs also leads in terms of citizens’ participation in various projects, where their value amounts to 600 thousand Euros. A challenge for the mayor Lekaj is reconstruction of the Grand Bazaar. “The responsibility of the Grand Bazaar is a challenge for us. Yesterday, the Ministry of Culture approved a decision where within three months they will deal with this issue,” said Lekaj.
According to him, the municipality of Gjakova is the only municipality which has no corruption affair, the political staff as well as the administration.
Recommendations of the Auditor, Grand Bazaar, Economic Growth of Gjakova, the situation of communities in Gjakova, transparency of public money were just some of the concerns raised by the participants, who addressed to mayor Pal Lekaj.

Meanwhile, Shpetim Rudi from AKR said “From 10 recommendations that the Auditor General has given in 2010 for the Municipality of Gjakova, only one of them is respected” Mr. Rudi, further said that “in 2012, there were various violations in public procurement, providing single source tenders, signing contracts without funds committed, then the problems with construction permits and many other violations that characterize local governance in Gjakova. Debate continued concerning the Old Bazaar, then the persistent problems in infrastructure projects and unrealized projects in 2012.

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