FOL’s five years on anti-corruption, transparency and accountability

Prishtina, 25 June 2014 -Today, FOL Movement marks the fifth anniversary of its foundation. Faced with many challenges in its functioning and sustainability, today FOL has managed to advance its mission in promotion of good governance, law enforcement and advancement of active citizenry. Today FOL Movement is considered the leading organization in promotion of the fight against corruption, transparency and accountability of public institutions in Kosovo.

During this 5 years, FOL Movement has realized over 290 public activities, among them 54 different publications (Reports and Analysis), 67 press conferences, 57 roundtables in central and local level, we have coordinated 10 joint statements of Civil Society, we had 33 public reactions, we have signed nine understanding memorandums with institutions of central and local level in the area of ​​access to justice and public procurement. We have organized 7 National Debate Tournaments “Karl Popper”. We have organized the Summer Camp 2012 with young volunteers of FOL, we have realized the Declaration and Comparative Platform of the assets of Senior Public Officials have we also launched the Anti-Corruption Statistical Platform as the only platform not only in Kosovo but also in the region that measures the performance of institutions in the fight against corruption. With the aim of advancing the level of active citizenry FOL has conducted a series of street performances through which has reacted against various phenomena and events that relate to the organization’s mission. We have also organized the campaign Accountability Test in eight municipalities of Kosovo, public consultations regarding the process of Kosovo’s membership in OGP and the campaign FOL’s Week in different villages of Kosovo. Since 2009, FOL Movement has awarded five civil awards.

FOL Movement has initiated and co-coordinated the process of Kosovo’s membership in the Open Governance Partnership – OGP and since January this year, FOL has become a member of the Anti-Corruption Convention of the United Nations – UNCAC Coalition representing Europe Region in Committee Coordination of this coalition.

FOL is committed to continue with all its powers on its efforts and contributions to bring the institution closer to the citizen, to decrease corruption in the country, as well as to enhance the transparency and accountability of public institutions in spending the state budget.

On the occasion of the 5th anniversary, FOL Movement has prepared the bulletin which contains a number of major activities carried out during these years. For more click here!

FOL Movement in this 5th annual thanks all the members of the Advisory Board, the members of the Assembly of FOL, activists and supporters, media and donors for their help and great support they have provided over these years.

FOL will always speak up for public interest!