Thanks to FOL’s recommendations, the tender in the Ministry of Justice is canceled

Prishtina, 24 January 2013 – FOL Movement continued to monitor the procurement procedures in various public institutions this year as well. FOL has a written agreement with these institutions to implement such activities.

According to the memorandum of understanding that FOL Movement has with the Ministry of Justice, FOL has directly monitored the evaluation procedure of the tender ” Cleaning of the MJ facilities ” held on 15th January 2013. During the course of the evaluation procedure FOL observed that drafting of the specifications of tender dossier was incomplete and unprofessional. In the last page of the tender dossier, the chart was written only the price per square meter, without specifying whether it is the price per square meter for an hour, a day, a month or what period of time. Thus announcing the winner any competitive economic operators could have unpredictable consequences for Kosovo’s budget and the Ministry of Justice and can cause subjective and discriminatory actions against the bidding economic operators. Because of these reasons FOL Movement requested to cancel this tender.

The contracting authority which was the Ministry of Justice, on 21st January 2013, has announced the competitive economic operators that the tender has been canceled by the evaluation committee and the justification was exactly the reasons stated by FOL Movement.
FOL Movement requires again this year that the public procurement should be reformed and the access for improving this sector should be systematic by increasing the transparency, preventing and fighting misuse and corruption in this sector.