Kosovo Prosecutorial Council should take action against the prosecutor Laura Pula for its action against the defendant Elez Hoxha

Prishtina, 13 February 2015. Today, the media, respectively, the daily paper Koha Ditore reported that the national anti-corruption coordinator, prosecutor Laura Pula has asked the Supreme Court that the prison sentence against former Judge Elez Hoxha be ‘diminished’ or release him from prison at all. The justification of this action is given by referring to the health condition of the prisoner. As it is known, Mr. Hoxha was sentenced to 4 years in prison for taking bribery, in the amount of 60 thousand euros.
There are years that justice institutions are criticized by Kosovo’s citizens, media, civil society and international institutions. All criticism has been about that these institutions are neither independent nor professional. Furthermore, Kosovo institutions, including the justice system are mentioned about the corruption affairs within them. This is documented in all local reports and international assessments, including the progress report.

Prosecutor Laura Pula is assigned as coordinator for fighting corruption in the country, ironically, she gets herself involved in the affair of former Judge Elez Hoxha. This is undoubtedly one of the most flagrant violations, which the Kosovo Prosecutor Council should provide immediate explanations and take punitive measures against Coordinator Pula.

On this occasion, we believe that the national coordinator against corruption has lost all its credibility to hold this position any further. We believe that if the prosecutor in question does this action in this situation, she could do any sort of action in other situations. Therefore, it would be the right decision that the prosecutor Pula is taken the right to continue working in the prosecution of state at any level.
On the time of the selection of the Chief State Prosecutor, such irresponsible and anti-legal actions show clearly the political interventions in this process. Therefore, we ask the Prosecutor Council as soon as possible to come out with a decision on the case of Prosecutor Pula, believing that appropriate actions will be taken regarding this sensitive issue.