A request to PRB for additional clarification about the tender Kosovo Police Supply of Vehicles

Prishtina, 26 August 2014 Today FOL Movement sent a letter to Procurement Review Body – PRB where they asked for additional clarifications about two PRB decisions on the tender “Supply of Vehicles” of Kosovo Police.

In their first decision, the Review Panel of PRB on 30 July 2014 partly approved as grounded the appeals of three economic operators and that the case had to be returned for re-tender. Whereas the Chairman of PRB on August 8, 2014, takes another decision declaring the decision of PRB Review Panel as with no legal effect emphasizing that the Review Panel has decided under the pressure of influence and contrary to Procurement Law.

In this context, FOL Movement asked PRB for additional clarification about the conclusion of the President of PRB that the first decision of the Review Panel was taken under the pressure of influence, thus:
1. Based on, particularly, the Article 130 of LPP, specifically under what sort of influence were the members of the Review Panel.
2. If the President of PRB concluded that this decision was taken under the influence, then what measures were taken by the PRB against the members of the Review Panel?
3 Is the Ministry of Internal Affairs informed about the situation, and is there any, if yes, what are the results of MIA regarding this matter in accordance with Article 130 paragraph 3 of the Law on Procurement.
The letter sent to PRB can be found in this link