FOL: The Corrupted should “recover” with imprisoning

Prishtina, 12 January 2012 – FOL movement has followed attentively the developments in the Ministry of Health, and in particular in the procurement office. During this time FOL has found several irregularities and aggravated legal violations were committed by officials of this Ministry.

Despite the fact that FOL had a signed agreement to monitor procurement activities, they were exactly the officials who have been arrested those who had tried not to let FOL and media have access in such procurement activities. Therefore, the recent arrests for FOL are a clear signal that the Ministry of Health, particularly its top officials have been and continue to be involved in various corruption affairs.

In early October of last year, FOL has published a report on violations and irregularities that are committed by the Ministry of Health. The report mentions exactly the names of the officials who were arrested today for their involvement in corruption activities. Thus, today’s searches and arrests by EULEX clearly show that our public denunciations regarding this ministry have been accurate and it is necessary that such cases are prosecuted.

We believe that this time EULEX is not planning to only take spectacular actions, like it used to do, but would seriously prosecute those cases. We also require that the State Prosecution be more active investigating corruption, indicating its willingness and commitment in persecuting cases of crime and corruption.