FOL: The agreement with the state of IMO-s/Nigeria should be public

Prishtina, March 29, 2012 ” Yesterday, In our country’s media was reported about an agreement between the Government of Kosovo (signed by the deputy Prime Minister Behgjet Pacolli) and IMO State Nigeria (signed by Governor Rochas). The notification of this agreement is published in the official web site of IMO State Nigeria, but the same is not done on the web sites of the institutions of our country. In the official announcement of the Governor of the IMO State Nigeria, it is said that “The Government of Kosovo will invest in the energy sector in this country.”
Meanwhile, yesterday we have been looking at all the web sites of the institutions of the country, but we did not find any information on like that published by the Governor of the State IMO.

Government of Kosovo has developed a non-democratic and non- transparent practice about the recently signed agreements.
“Today we are asking the country’s government to make public the agreements signed. This is to understand what deal is it about as the Government has decided to invest in this country and in what capacity has the Deputy Prime Minister Pacolli signed such an agreement” If signed in institutional capacity, then how is it possible that the Kosovo Government invest in energy field in this country, a problem that is still pending in our state” ” stated Petrit Zogaj, executive director of the Movement FOL.
And if the Deputy Prime Minister Pacolli signed it as a businessman, what happens most of the times, we ask the Anti-Corruption Agency to immediately start the preliminary investigation procedures for conflict of interest.

Thus, all we ask is a communication with the citizens of Kosovo, a responsibility for the government regarding the policies that undertake, and implementation of democratic practices which are provided by the Constitution of the country regarding international agreements.







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