FOL Open with the Mayor of the Municipality of Podujeva Mr. Hurry Bulliqi

Podujevë (Gllamnik) July 20, 2022 – The FOL movement, within the framework of the FOL Open debates with the Mayors of the Municipalities of Kosovo, held a second meeting with the Mayor of the Municipality of Podujev, Mr. Hurry Bulliqi.
The topic of discussion of this meeting with citizens was the implementation of the Law on Local Self-Government, as well as the Administrative Instruction (MAPL) for the Organization, Operation and Cooperation of Municipalities with Villages, Settlements and Urban Neighborhoods.
Also, during this discussion, the issue of the selection of local councils, their functioning, as well as the best way of cooperation between the municipality and the heads of the councils to address the demands of all citizens, was elaborated in detail.
Also, the participants had the opportunity to discuss with Mayor Bulliqi about the problems these citizens face every day. The debate with citizens was held in the municipality of Podujeva, in the premises of the school of the village of Gllamik (SHFMU “Congress of the Monastery”).
FOL will hold debates of this format in other municipalities of Kosovo
This discussion is supported by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.