“Disinfection of corrupted government officials”

Prishtina, December 9, 2011 ” On occasion of the International Day against Corruption, Movement FOL through an activity has “disinfected” the corrupted government officials. This activity was carried out at the entrance of the main building of the government. Through this activity movement FOL has expressed its concern about the high level of corruption and its widespread within public institutions.
According to the researcher of this movement, Armend Mazreku, “it is exactly the government corruption that the bad governance has become a governing system that our country is the poorest and with the highest unemployment rate in Europe, and that the future of our state is questioned.” Further, according to FOL the main reason why our republic continues to break records regarding corruption is precisely because of the political corruption of this government. As a result of such affairs, the governor and the corrupt have become synonymous, said the representative of the Movement FOL!.
According to Movement FOL! Today is the day of those who are not corrupted and who fight corruption seriously, not the day of those who are corrupted to the core, and pretend they are fighting it.
On this occasion movement FOL! called the institutions not to be involved in corruption practices, but to fight them with all legal and institutional mechanisms. Movement FOL! requires tangible results and concrete actions to fight against corruption, not only empty words as we are used to hear from them every day.