Corruption Monitor: Laws and anti-corruption decisions, just for show

Prishtina, September 25, 2011– Today Movement FOL held a press conference presenting its report Corruption’Monitor ‘, for the period July-August 2011. According to policy researcher, Armend Mazreku, “institutions, did not made any progress in fighting corruption”. Further, he stated that “despite the changes made in the context of anti-corruption legislation, there are still large legal gaps, which would further impede the intensification of institutional activities in the fight against corruption”.

The report shows that the Government of Kosovo during the two months (July-August) has approved a total of 88 (tetëdhjetetetë) decisions: 51 decisions in July, and 37 in August. In July were approved only 3 decisions against corruption, while in August it was even worse: with only one decision. Within these decisions are the draft-Law on Prevention of Conflict of Interest, the Declaration, Origin and Control of property of Senior Public Officials, Protection of informants, and the one on financing political parties;

Assembly during two months (July and August) has held a total of 8 plenary sessions: 2 emergency sessions and 6 regular sessions. 7 were held in July and only 1 in August. In the plenary sessions of July were reviewed the draft laws on Protection of informers; Public Procurement, Declaration, Origin and Controll of the Property of Senior Public Officials; Prevention of Conflict of Interest and financing political parties;
Kosovo Judicial Council (KJC) has been very little productive during July. In the context of “official misconduct” 122 cases were unsolved at the beginning of the reporting period, one case has been filed, one case has been ongoing, and only 2 cases have been solved, while 121 cases are unsolved. In the context of “taking bribes” 20 cases were unsolved at the beginning of the reporting period, no cases have been solved, 30 cases have been ongoing, and 30 of them unsolve at the end of the reporting period. But in the context of “giving bribes” 14 cases were unsolved at the beginning of the reporting period, 2 cases have been filed, 16 cases were ongoing, only one case has been solved and 15 other cases remain unsolved;

Statistics of the Department of Investigation of Economic Crimes and Corruption (DECC) shows that in the months from July to August have been conducted 277 investigations: 151 cases in July and 126 in August. As a result of these investigations have been arrested 11 officials: 3 in July and 8 in August. Also, 142 cases were sent to the Prosecution: 73 cases in July and 69 other cases in August. From these cases 87 cases were sent to the prosecution with identified suspects, 5 cases with N / N suspects. Meanwhile, within the cases sent with prosecutor’s report were 50 cases: 21 cases were sent in July and 29 cases in August. Meanwhile the value of alleged damages is ” 1,226,300.00: “666,313.00 in July and ” 559.987.00 in August;
Kosovo Customs during two last months have announced 6 disciplinary actions. The whole 6 were in July and none in August. Within these 6 disciplinary actions 2 were written warning, 2 were ban of promotion, 1 recommendation for non-extension of the employment contract, and another case transfer to another assignement. Meanwhile, in the Professional Standards Division were 2 cases: 1 case in July for unprofessional conduct and another case in June for abuse of official duty.
Publication of this report is supported by the British Embassy in Pristina.