The voting of the Information and Privacy Commissioner should not be proceeded in plenary session

Pristina,  16 JUNE 2021 – We the organizations and activists written below, after gathering additional evidence about the candidate Enver Bujari, we ask Levizja Vetëvendosje  and the ruling parties not to proceed with this process.

After the suspicions that Mr. Bujar has changed the data on work experience and education, through the right of access to public documents, we have provided the complete file of his application.

According to the documents provided, it results that Mr. Bujar did not provide the document that proves the work experience, as required by competition and law, but only the report of the Pension Trust. This document is important because for this position the candidates are required to have: at least, eight (8 years of professional work experience, of which, at least, five (5) years of experience in leadership positions, and only with the report of the Pension Trust such a thing can not be proven.

In the absence of this evidence, the deputies of the interview panel – composed of Lëvizja Vetëvendosje and other ruling parties – should not have invited Mr. Bujar at all for an interview. The responsibility for checking the file lies with the deputies of the interview panel. For this failure, we hold responsible the following MPs: Fatmir Humolli, Shqipe Mehmeti Selimi, Mefail Bajqinovci, Enver Dugolli and Arbër Rexhaj from Lëvizja Vetëvendosje, Erxhan Galushi and the Progressive Movement of Roma of Kosovo and Slavko Simić from the Serbian List.

Knowing that Mr.Bujari did not submit the full application, his application should not be consired at all.

The Law on Personal Data Protection requires that three candidates be nominated for the plenary session. The invalidity of Mr. Bujar’s application leaves only two candidates in the race, contrary to the law in question.

Recall that this process was accompanied by the most irregularities, starting from the composition of the panel contrary to parliamentary practice, non-transparency in the evaluation of candidates and high evaluation of candidates who did not perform well in the interview.

The Information and Privacy Commissioner will be the most important person in Kosovo in protecting personal data and guaranteeing access to public documents. He must be professional, without political coloration and with high integrity. We hope that Levizja Vetëvendosje will reflect and will not endanger such an important institution.

Meanwhile, for the other two candidates, Krenare Sogojeva Dermaku and Edon Miftari we are waiting to receive the full file from the Assembly of Kosovo.


Flutura Kusari